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Looking to add a hillside staircase design to your offerings?


Click here to purchase my 32-page Specs & Steps Guide to the

Fabrication & Installation of

Hillside Staircases

This innovative Guide is the first in a series on custom landscape features

It will provide you with something new to present and build for your clientele


 Each step is laid-out,

from fabrication to installation

I guarantee that your profit margin will increase without client 'sticker-shock'

Money back guarantee if after installing just one project you do not make both the cost of the manual back and your profit margin

Buy now and receive 20% off on the upcoming Guide on Rammed Earth Landscape Features

Drawing stone stairwell.jpeg


Publicist--How-To Manuals

Exterior design/build consultations

Landscape product development

Found Object re-purposing

and the list goes on...................


james stuart ruben
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Notes regarding Website content

With the 21st century bearing down upon me, I have decided to document my paper archive                                that spans over thirty years of custom project work


       From this body of work I have hand-picked my most innovative landscape features


    To share them with fellow landscape builders, I have distilled them into How-To Guides


                                                             Available above!    


     Please note: This site is continually under construction, and thus forever in its infancy  


                            It is designed as a pictorial journey for you to surf through


     It is broken down into design elements that make-up our outdoor living environments

     Should you choose to review this site, I promise to both delight & entertain your soul

         and sensibilities, assuming that there is anyone viewing this site to begin with


                                          Is this a Schrodinger's Cat moment...?

                                                             Enjoy the trip!


                                                       Rules of Engagement                                                                   
                                           I make up words to suit the narrative
                                              Run-on sentences appeal to me
                                                    I dig hyphenated words
                                              Dangling participles are a joy
                             Enclosures were developed via exercise of the grey matter,
                                   translated to parchment, then sculpted into form
                           I have endeavored to include work from a road-less-traveled,
                          in Landscape Architecture, i.e., no-cookie-cutter imagery here
                           Beyond this site's documentation & opinionated perspective,
                                 its intent and purpose, is to provide helpful content
                                          to all those who love outdoor rooms
                                                  (and to sell a few Manuals)

                               All of the photographs, drawings and verbiage enclosed

                    is a product of my career as a design/builder, unless otherwise noted

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