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Built from site rubble of adobe home construction.  
Stone and adobes collected on-site, petroglyphs found during course of construction, (now that reminds me of an unrealized design of mine that I later named, 'Asbestos and Dead Indians').  I will write that brief narrative for you (if you're interested), look for it in the section, Walls.
Back to topic:  site rubble, along with found object, re-purposing, and the like, is one of the cornerstones (haaa) of my 'practice'
ie to utilize everything that the course of construction will produce, (not big on landfills).
Particularly in masonry construction, the rubble can be mixed in with the new modular units to create something perhaps more interesting?
Anyway, this fire feature stands at the head of the driveway on this five acre project.  It is lit for festivities, that abound. 
Basaltic fire pit.
With matching banco and retaining wall in background.
Note, grouted top joints and recessed side joints.
What can I say, makes me want to dance in circles....
What can I say, I am throwing in this BBQ/Firepit into the mix because, upon it, my son has grilled me countless New York steaks, whilst outlining to me his world view.
Adobe block construction
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