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The past while, I've been immersed in packaging selected landscape features into How-To Manuals.


All of which present step-by-step guides to the Fabrication and Installation of unique landscape elements.


None of which require skilled labor, heavy equipment or wasteful piles of raw materials.


All of which are optimized for cost, durability, and a pleasing aesthetic.

Born free in Truman's reign (oxymoron?)
Crew-cut, barefoot maker of underground & treetop forts.

1966 -1974

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll North America

1975 - 1980

Adventurist Middle-East and most of Europe


1980 - 1983

Bachelor program of Business Administration

University of Oregon


1983 - 1986

Graduate program of Landscape Architecture

University of Oregon


1986 -2006          

Desert Oasis Landscape Co. Inc.

200+ projects spanning the breadth of design/build

Arizona, Oregon and the far away lands

2006 - Present  

Design consultant


Ashland, Oregon


International consultations by horse & buggy


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