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Cliff Hanger:
This 'Crow's-Nest is a response to what I call (as a seasoned parent), Planned-Delinquency or, if you prefer, risk management. 
That's what this extension to this cliff-edge deck is all about. The home hugs an 800 foot drop-off, spectacular views, but when 'Buddha-babies entered the adult world it became time to safeguard the edge.
crow nest deck for view and 'planned deliquency'
stepped cedar deck and hotub
What's a deck without a hot-tub?  Recessed into the deck, surrounded with a seating wall, and positioned for optimal viewing,
whilst 'chillin'.
Limited space is an opportunity to tune-in one's attention to detail in composition, choice of materials and execution.  Copper light fixtures will top this cascade of pilasters, providing both sculptural elements and a dance of light & shadow.
Plan views of cliffside, stepped decking system
Speaking of decks and edges, take a peek at the serendipitous response of this sculpted cedar deck.
A response to the limited space and threshold between screened porch and salt water pool.  After all, what man or woman doesn't appreciate salacious curves and cut lines?
curvlinear cedar deck
View deck, entertainment deck & circulation deck linking front and rear gardens while providing ample entertainment space.
hidden springhouse and deck design
Pioneer cold storage hut, sited over perennial spring.
entry courtyard and catwalk decking
Connection and circulation from back deck system, under Arbor, to front courtyard.
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