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 Double Helix - Rebar Pergola set in Lawn & Custom cast Pavers

So, what's this obsession with rebar anyway?  As mentioned earlier, in my 'Imaginarium', Landscape Architecture is a practice in all sense of the word.  It has, in large part, become far too systematized, repetitive and predictable.  As a practice, the practitioner, may freely explore varied materials in composition, often overlooked.
 In this double-helix example, the inspiration was to allow the posts to be more akin to  the knotty vines that would lace them, both growing out of the ground, gnarly and organic.  
Not every post need be of wood or tube steel.  So, practice and play; go to the salvage yard once and awhile.  I realize that an old aluminum airplane part or a rusty ole pipe might not be in your library of 'canned' materials, but you might actually have some fun and delight your client.  (ok, enough rant for now).
Traditional backyard Pergola in cedar (lookin a bit naked without the maturity the vines will bring on).
Note the serpentine fence-line that runs perpendicular from the base of the Pergola,
(if interested in this 'invisible-fence', it will be posted & discussed in the section under Fencing and Screens).
Pergolas, Arbors, Gazebos, Trellises....geeez.....where did the 'Porches' go.....?
Exposing architectural structure as ornament is one of my favorite building pastimes;
The craft of how materials come together is what it's all about!
Cedar 'pergola', built of crafted cedar joists & posts, capped with Terra-cotta roof panels, all perched on the back wall; note the 'sky-window' in the roofing tiles.
This is an awesome place from which to watch the summer monsoons roll in.
You don't have to bust the budget to get overhead shade;  panels of rebar mesh are inexpensive and easy to work with.  It rusts to an exquisite patina (assuming you like that kinda thing).
For a few extra shekels you can dress it up in a layer of powder coat paint.
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