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Landscape Offerings To Streamline Your Business— And Boost Your Bottom Line

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The costs of materials and skilled labor have skyrocketed, disproportional to installed value for landscape projects. My response has been to develop materials and construction systems that are cost effective, durable, and aesthetically pleasing at a fraction of the costs. They rely on outsourcing fabrication and utilizing relatively unskilled labor for specific aspects of the project.

I recently posted an article exemplifying such a system ,‘How to Traverse Pesky Hillsides Without Blowing Your Budget’. This is an alternative approach to the construction of common landscape staircases.

The materials are relatively waste-free, compared to conventional staircases of:

  • Stone

  • Masonry block

  • Concrete

  • Seasoned wood

The construction methodology is also cost saving, focused on:

  • Custom, fabricated stair bodies

  • Custom tread infills

This hillside staircase system is composed of steel risers and variable tread materials including:

  • Compacted D.G.

  • Rammed Earth

  • Turf

  • Sand-set Pavers

  • Stone

  • Brick

  • Tile

Reducing your dependence on skilled labor, heavy equipment, and costly materials, equates to construction costs your client can digest without having an aneurysm.

Excessive material and labor expenses are often attributed to inefficiencies in:

  • Crew time operations

  • Idle heavy equipment

  • Material handling & acquisition

Reducing the need for highly skilled labor to install these landscape features will lower costs.

Eliminating the need for heavy equipment, its operator, and a spotter for a particular aspect of the project is a great savings.

Replacing on-site bulk materials with fabricated components minimizes waste and its accompanying expense.

In our example, Hillside Staircase, no heavy equipment is required for grading or mixing. A one-man crew can install approximately ten stair bodies per day with a shovel, mallet and line-level.

The ‘heavy lifting’ and associated costs are offset at a fraction of the cost through the custom fabrication of the stair bodies at your local metal shop. While they’re being made, you and your crew can focus on other aspects of the project.

Assuming I am successful in enticing you into this conversation, I will be presenting similar systems for the construction of traditional landscape elements and features including:

  • Pre-cast custom pavers

  • Rebar, Copper, & Stainless-Steel Arbors

  • Trellises & Grow-poles

  • Invisible fencing

  • Rammed Earth Walls, Counters & Benches

  • Found-Object Accent Lighting

  • Hidden Springs Water Features

  • Deep-water Irrigation Pods

  • and the list goes on…

If you’re interested in receiving updates on these and other helpful content directly, you can drop your email address to me, and I will add you to our small but illustrious group.

Best, James


All are welcome to the conversation; it will prove to be both interesting and expansive. The How-To-Guides are available for those Builders interested in adding a product offering to their clientele and increasing their bottom-line.

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